Our Rates

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Tandem Skydiving Packages

By appointment reserve online today.
  • Tandem Skydive
  • Tandem Skydive (Cash Discount)
  • College or Military Discount (with valid ID)
    Group Discount (5 or more)
  • $220.00 per person
  • $210.00 per person
  • $200.00 per person
    $200.00 per person

Accelerated Freefall Training (AFF)

By appointment only.
  • AFF Category A with First Jump Course (two instructors)
  • AFF Category B-C (two Instructors) 2 jumps
  • AFF Category D-E (single instructor) 4 jumps

    The AFF program, itself, includes the First Jump Course and seven skydives, though more skydives may be necessary to master the targeted learning objectives of each jump.
  • $325.00 per person
  • $225.00 per jump
  • $175.00 per jump

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)

By appointment only.
  • IAD Program with First Jump Course
  • IAD Program Jump 2-5

    After completion of the 5th jump, you will transition to our AFF program at the single instructor level.
    • $165.00 per person
    • $100.00 per jump

    Experienced Jumpers

    • Beech-18  with own gear
    • Cessna 182  with own gear
      • $25.00 per jump
      • $22.50 per jump

      Gear Rental and Rigging

      • Gear rental, includes pack job
      • Reserve Repack
      • Rigging Prices
        • $27 + jump
        • $65.00
        • $35.00 / hour

        Video of Jump

        • Digital Video with Stills Package on Flashdrive
          Digital Video only OR Digital Stills only on Flashdrive
          • $95

          Our Aviation Solutions

          Learn more about our Aviation services and solutions in our downloadable PDF document.